Oh Father, Revoke Art Thou

So apparently music executives just pull them straight out of the womb, glue what passes for hair these days to the top part and get them to wail in front of a mic before sending that to auto tune and pumping out another hit for the 16 to “your older than he is and it could be illegal” female audience, I’m talking about Justin Bieber. To be honest I have never heard this little fellow and that could be because I am over 26 and my hearing an’t what it used to be. Clearly a problem the father in in this video doesn’t have, dancing his little cotton socks off to the latest and greatest teen-auto-tune, dancing his way into revokation. I don’t care if your going for the father of the year here, Man Card, give it up, now.

UPDATE: I was drunk and extremely tired when writing this post and forgot to recommend you mute or at least lower the volume on this one lads, Thanks for pointing that out Justin.

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  1. Mute the clip before you push play.

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