The OMC 4 Track: Muse

Muse is what I like to call a simple band with a big sound, it’s core members consist of Lead Guitar/Piano & Vocalist Matt Bellamy, Bass Guitar/Backing Vocalist & Keyboardist Christopher Wolstenholme and Drummer/Percussionist & Synth-master Dominic Howard. The basic composition of the band is Guitar, Bass and Drums and with the combination of Bellamys vocals, piano riffs and the spacey synths of Howards keyboard create a sound that is borderline epic and uniquely Muse.

Its hard to classify exactly what genre Muse falls into, and you can hear why in the videos below. Often at times you can hear one song on an album, not like it, but love the track after and Muse create their albums to be listened to from start to finish with one song often drifting into the next. Muse is best described as if someone mixed Queen, My Chemical Romance, and the Infected Mushroom in the Will it Blend blender from Blendtec. Also, who doesn’t like a band with a nod to some of our favorite 80’s Movies like Ghostbusters and BeetleJuice? Check out “Uprising” below and you’ll see the references!

Stockholm Syndrome(2003)



Undisclosed Desires(2009)

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