The Hopsicle Experience

Leave it to the great people of New York City to invent a delicious frozen treat specifically for adults. Introducing The Hopsicle Experience, a frozen can of beer, sliced in half and served like a Push Pop for big kids, launching today at Diablo Royale Este in NYC.

Now that I have your attention let me tell you how it works. First the brilliant barkeep grabs a can of beer for now we will say the Mexican classic Tecate. Then using a syringe he inserts simple syrup and lime juice, then he adds a stick to the bottom finally its time to freeze the can for four days. After that the beer is sawed in half using either a boring serrated knife or a fucking samurai sword. In the off days these amazing beerologists might use the margarita machine to create the beer slushie, so there is another way to serve this frozen treat.

Once served patrons can enjoy it doused in tequila (which is highly recommended) and its consumed much like a child’s “push pop”. So if you find yourself in New York City be sure to stop by Diablo Royale Este and enjoy The Hopsicle Experience.

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