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The History Of Hip Hop In A 4 Minute Beatbox Session!

In the second post this week on Beatboxing check out this guy giving you a flashback through the History Of Hip Hop In A 4 Minute Beatbox Session. Colour me inside the lines and call me impressed

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The Manly Segway

Guys, We cover products from time to time here on Manly Products. So when the Segway comes to mind, your thinking “wait, you mean that funny looking thing the security guards at the mall roam around in?” Oh No my friend, something much, MUCH better. Thats right, introducing the Manly Segway, or MANGWAY as

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The Hopsicle Experience

Leave it to the great people of New York City to invent a delicious frozen treat specifically for adults. Introducing The Hopsicle Experience, a frozen can of beer, sliced in half and served like a Push Pop for big kids, launching today at Diablo Royale Este in NYC. Now that I have your attention let

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