Star Trek DVD

Click here to Purchase from Amazon

Click here to Purchase from Amazon

So none of us here at the office are “trekies”. Sure, we get a good Shatner joke from time to time, and when the new Star Trek came out we were pretty pumped to see a good action movie.

Well some of us came back from that different, their Vulcan minds melded with the series forever. I suppose so long as avid Star Trek conventions aren’t attended it doesn’t warrant a Man Card revocation.

What it does tell us that JJ Abrams Star Trek was one of the biggest hits of the year, and rightfully so. It had the action, sex appeal, and cool effects for the laymen – and just enough Trek lore to get the most avid fans nipples hard(sorry for that visual).

All and all, we feel that this DVD belongs on any Man’s shelf. Pick up the DVD today!

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