Si Travel Log: Behind Enemy Lines

Sierra India mike Oscar November checking in stop

Had a close call last night with what appears to be a Gerry trap designed to separate the men from the boys called two dollar pints stop

Have met up with my contact bravo alpha zero, a Scot from Edinburgh who helped me through this Hun trap, he is quite the drinking buddy, however it seems we have one more test of the Das Boot before Gerry will be convinced we’re the hard drinking lads we say we are stop

Four hours sleep and the hangover cure is a brisk walk followed by a liter of water, a pretzel, hard boiled eggs, a couple of buttered waffles topped with nuttella, ham, cheese, a pickle and a will to live stop

Das Boot approaches will check in same time tomorrow if we survive the test stop

Side note, speaking German helps but being able to read German is better for menu’s and directions stop

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