Man Card Live Show

Man Card Members and Readers,

We’re doing a live show coming up on Friday, April 2nd. This brand new “Man Card Revocation Show” will be broadcast live from the .Studio here in Miami, and we need our members to help!

Its going to be a panel of Man Card members discussing recent revocations that you’ve submitted! Get your Revocation in before Friday and it could be featured on the show! So make them good!

What should we name the show? We though of a few, so head over to the forum here and let us know what you think!

1. Man Card Supreme Court of Justice
2. The International Man Card Court
3. Man Card World Court
4. World Court of Man Card Revocation
5. The World Court of Man Card Justice

We’ll be checking back here for your input, and we’ll see everyone there Friday in the Chat room!

Stay Manly

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