Lightning Broiled Cow

Cow Struck By Lightning
Members, how do you prefer your hamburger? Flame Broiled, grilled, seared on a griddle, raw with some cheese? Well apparently there is a new method of meat preparing technology that Burger King is secretly working on: Lighting Broiled. Recent tests in the farms of middle America haveĀ  gained the spotlight of the press. Unfortunately, BK’s test have only yielded in cows exploding in the testing area, at least until now.

Bessie the cow, pictured to the right, survived the ordeal. Apparently cows can be cooked via lighting and live to tell the tale. Bessie, however, was devoured right after the photo was taken by the BK testers who couldn’t resist the Lighting Broiled Goodness. Look for Burger Kings new “Lighting Broiled Whopper” at your local BK Lounge soon.

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