G4’s Attack of the Show & OfficialManCard.com Team up!

OfficialManCard.com has worked hard to make sure that every single man on every continent has their Man Card. Keeping with that goal it was only a matter of time until we came knocking on Hollywood’s door. Luckily for us G4, the network that made hotties Olivia Munn, Morgan Webb, Alison Haislip, and Layla Kayleigh household names also showed its manliness by introducing us to our newest card carrying member “The Mayor of G4” himself Kevin Pereira! Yes, you read that right cable television darling and host of Attack of the Show now has his Official Man Card. Kevin has proved time and again that he is more than worthy of his Authentic Man Card. So Kevin on behalf of all the members of OfficialManCard.com welcome to the party my friend and stay Manly!

To celebrate Kevin getting his Authentic Man Card, OfficialManCard.com has given Attack of the Show some of our Armageddon Packs to give away to their viewers. What is the Armageddon Packs you ask? Well it will consist of an Authentic Man Card, 10 extra revoke cards, a beer koozie with built in bottle opener, a hat that also sports a built in bottle opener, and the Manliest t-shirt you will ever wear! So be sure to tune into Attack of the Show on G4 every Monday-Friday at 7PM because while you won’t win a Armageddon Pack everyday, you will be treated to the best web videos, tech reviews, and of course all the news you care about in The Feed. Enjoy this clip of Kevin Pereira pooping a Manly salad, the very same video that finally earned Kevin Pereira his Official Man Card.

UPDATE: Friday, 17/09/2010
You can check out Kevin Showing Off his Man Card here

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  1. Eric Covarrubias says:

    just watched todays eps came 2 the site right after I am man and its time 2 make it official

  2. Tom says:

    Eric, Glad you’ve decided to make it official!

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