Flash Gordon, Not Flashy Gordon!

Without getting to deep in the history Flash Gordon is an iconic comic strip, cartoon, movie and multiple TV shows, He is buried deep in pop culture and beloved by many. That is until today when I read that name Zac Efron in the same sentence as Flash Gordon. Efron is apparently being considered to play our space fairing hero in a new movie adaptation. Let me fill you in on my Flash Gordon experience before I continue.

1982 – Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All
This animated movie was produced by Filmation before the 1979 Flash Gordon cartoon series, but did not air until 1982. It is considered the best film version of Flash Gordon and almost a direct adaptation of the 1930’s Alex Raymond comic strips. Though it would never be broadcasted again following its premiere due to the story’s association with Hitler’s Third Reich I was lucky in that my Parents had recorded it from the BBC Broadcast. Growing up I lost count of how many times I watched that VHS recording and it remains to this day a valued addition to my film collection.

1980 – Flash Gordon Movie

In 1980 after the Animated film had been finished but before it had been aired a live action Flash Gordon movie was released with a soundtrack composed and performed by the rock band Queen. Known as the Campy Flash Gordon for its music style, tongue-in-cheek lines and out there costumes it only really performed at the UK box office but went on to become a cult classic. I must admit to owning the Silver Anniversary Edition on DVD and for that I blame the influence of my British born parents.

With the above in mind is a Disney Kid the best choice we have of the man who will save us all? Are these decisions being made by suits who look at Efron and his target audience of teenage girls (unfortunately the largest buying demographic) and thinking here is another movie we don’t care about and can turn in to another cash cow to churn and burn. I can only hope that someone higher up the ladder in the corporate movie making world puts their foot down and squashes this idea like the bug it is. Or I could be wrong, it’s happened before. Efron could surprise us all and man up to the role. However to this I shall not hold my breath.



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