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Barryisums: Guinness with Tia Maria

Barry had an obviously gay bloke ask for a Guinness with Tia Maria in it while he was working at the bar. Without realising what he was saying, replied “Sorry mate, I haven’t got any Tia Maria, do you want a straight Guinness instead?&#

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Fried Beer Is Born!

For years man has always enjoyed fried food and beer. They have been like long time best friends that just go out and tear up the town. But leave it to some crazy ass Texan to go and play God with the two genres. Inventor and resident redneck Iron Chef Mark Zable came up with

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Iron Maiden’s 20109kr Bar Tab

According to the people over at this is supposedly the receipt for a bar tab legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden clocked up at Norwegian Irish bar, Finnegan’s earlier this month. 20,109 Norwegian kroner equals about $3,634 Australian dollars or $3,260 American. it is an impressive list of drinks including 27 slippery nipples (personally

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