Fried Beer Is Born!

For years man has always enjoyed fried food and beer. They have been like long time best friends that just go out and tear up the town. But leave it to some crazy ass Texan to go and play God with the two genres. Inventor and resident redneck Iron Chef Mark Zable came up with the idea to put some Irish life-juice also known as Guinness into some ravioli’s then deep fry those bitches.

what came out was a little fried pillow of drunken happiness. When bitten into, the beer and fatty pasta combine to cause what is undoubtedly referred to as “a taste sensation.” Whether it’s a good one remains a matter of personal opinion and relies on your heart being strong enough to withstand the mighty force of the deep-fried beer grenade.

Bad news for any youngsters that want to enjoy some deep fried rav’s, the great state of Texas went and classified this Irish beer injected treat an alcoholic product thus making it unattainable for anyone under the age of 21. The good news however is that Zable have already patented the idea and name “Deep Fried Beer” so expect to see this deep fried Irish/Italian bomb at a county fair near you really soon.

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  1. beer froster says:

    Laughing my butt off here, this is the kind of cuisine that us Southerners get slammed for. Thanks, Texas!

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