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Introducing…The Girls of Glee

Okay gentleman, its gone on long enough. It is time for me to give you 6 reasons to watch Glee. Aside from the sexual overtones and kick ass soundtrack these lovely ladies are on it and sometimes they are wearing very sexy clothes…so lets embrace this phenomenon that is clearly sweeping the nation, and let

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Transformers 3 no Longer Fox-y

It has recently been announced that Megan Fox‘s body won’t be feature in the 3rd installment of the Transformers movies.¬†Apparently, Michael Bay wants to take the storyline in another direction, which means, Fox out, and a new sexbot co-star in. The question now dear Readers is who do you think could replace her “talents” in

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Sexy Ladies: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde stars in House. You know, that TV Show with the British actor that speaks with more of an American accent than you or I? I’m not a fan, at least I wasn’t, until GQ sat down with Ms. Wilde. Stay Manly My Friends&#

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