Transformers 3 no Longer Fox-y

It has recently been announced that Megan Fox‘s body won’t be feature in the 3rd installment of the Transformers movies. Apparently, Michael Bay wants to take the storyline in another direction, which means, Fox out, and a new sexbot co-star in.

The question now dear Readers is who do you think could replace her “talents” in the upcoming Bayformers flick? Post your comments below.


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  1. Tom says:

    *Ahem* BOOO. This is the only reason I’d watch another Transformers!

  2. Simon says:

    It’s Bayformers and you’re fired! There is no excuse for watching this crap after what Micheal Bay did to the sequel, Simon Says No!

  3. Sergio says:

    Tom/Simon wait a minute now…I too was disappointed in TF2 but there is a ray of sunshine at the end of this rainbow…and a possible reason for Fox’s departure…Rumor has it that when Fox ran her mouth and insulted Michael Bay last year the director decided to show her exactly who is in charge. I, for one have to give Bay major man card props because while Megan Fox is a hottie in some of our eyes she needed to learn that a pretty face can only get you so far. I think TF3 will do just fine without Megan Fox, I mean really could it be any worse than TF2? besides rumors have already placed “Prince of Persia” star Gemma Arterton as the front-runner to replace Megan Fox in TF3 this according to I love cars, I love robots blowing shit up, and I love hot chicks…worst case scenario 2 out of 3 ain’t bad and I know there is no way this movie gets made without some hottie at the helm.

  4. White Wolf says:

    I’m with Surge. Yeah Megan is hot, but she does pretty much look like a bitch. Thumbs up for Michael Bay for screwing her the only way he probably could. Bring on the next hottie!

  5. Xavi says:

    ya i mean u just don go around calling people hitler and shit….

  6. Simon says:

    unless your name is Hitler or Shit …

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