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Eighty-Eight Mph Peel Out

In the best Back To The Future like peel out I have ever seen you can only hope that if the Doc’s calculations are correct, when this baby hit eighty-eight miles per hour it got to see its self roll of the production line

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XBOX Kinect’s Boob Jiggler

In a week where I can’t seem to get my mind, or posts off boobs (as viewed here with some Side Boob action and here with a little Boob Shaking action) the XBOX Kinect, Microsofts answer to the Wii and motion control has just added to my fascination of the female fun bags. YouTube user

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The Manly Segway

Guys, We cover products from time to time here on Manly Products. So when the Segway comes to mind, your thinking “wait, you mean that funny looking thing the security guards at the mall roam around in?” Oh No my friend, something much, MUCH better. Thats right, introducing the Manly Segway, or MANGWAY as

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