XBOX Kinect’s Boob Jiggler

In a week where I can’t seem to get my mind, or posts off boobs (as viewed here with some Side Boob action and here with a little Boob Shaking action) the XBOX Kinect, Microsofts answer to the Wii and motion control has just added to my fascination of the female fun bags.

YouTube user RichWhitehouse has posted this video of a Kinect hack that uses the 3D model of Ivy from the game Soul Calibur to demonstrate the “extreme boobie jiggling” potential of Microsoft’s new toy. After all of this boob action and seeing as its a Friday I think a trip to a “Dance Club” is in order to let off some steam with the lads and help support single Mom’s.

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  1. Xavi says:

    dude simon… i know most of your posts have to deal with boobs and what not and i greatly appreciate ur hard work in finding these priceless beauties… however i must say my man i am a little bit worried with this post. someone who has the time of day to hack kinect hardware to make “virtual” boobs jiggle??… lol i dont know but this man definitely either has a lot of time on his hands or should definitely get checked out…

  2. John Russell says:

    MMMMMMMMMMM Boobies!

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