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Barry “The Cougar” Dawson’s Lessons in Manliness

To get an idea of just who Barry “The Cougar” Dawson is you would have to combined Chuck Norris, The Dos Equis Man, MacGyver’s Hair, the 70’s and give him an Australian Accent. You would then have yourself the Australian Icon, lady’s man and guru in Manliness that is The Cougar. The Cougar first appeared

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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/09/24

As with every Friday likes to post a few links and an interesting video to help you wind down your work day and start to relax ready for the weekend. Give you something to do during that Friday morning log on, read and watch during that first cup of Joe and have something interesting

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Chuck Norris Turns 70

That’s right gentlemen, the internets most famous immortal has just turned 70. Yet, despite his age, the Walker, Texas Ranger star could still break you in half. He’s been known to eat strippers, move the earth with a push up, and kick MacGyver heart out of his chest, but for his 70th year around the

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