Turn It In!

Revoke his Man Card?

55 Yes
20 No

Joe said he wanted a pedicure. Enough said!


  1. John Russell says:

    Next thing you know this “bitchboy will be sporting a mankini waxing”
    John Russell, we’re done here!

  2. Rick Gleason says:

    Pedicure? i think Bros we’ve probably lost thisn one for good. The shame!

    My Man card was revoked a while back. I’m hoping to get it back as I seek recompense.

    I’ve blogged about it! Help!


  3. Max says:

    Barney Stinson, Man among Men, gets mani-pedis all the time. I vote no.

  4. camaro ss says:

    rick was sucking Joes wang. thats why his man card was REVOKED. besides, Rick looks like he is too old for the game. He should consider retirement and joining AARP

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