Station wagon

Revoke his Man Card?

13 Yes
2 No

Revokee: Bob Cook

Reason For Revocation:

I caught him bragging about his station wagon that he owns. He said his vehicle is better than a lifted Dodge truck when offroad. Also he is known to wear a leopard thong in a gay pride parade.

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  1. Bob Cook says:

    This accusation is unequivocally false. I defended the FACT that my 2015 Subaru Forester is NOT a station wagon. I stated that it is no more a station wagon than any other “small SUV” on the road which includes Mikes Dodge. I also would like to state that it was not a thong, it was leopard print spandex shorts. And it was not a gay pride parade, it was a music fest in Berlin. Surrounded by extremely scantily dressed women who were all over my stone chiseled figure.

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