Shame on you

Revoke his Man Card?

45 Yes
4 No

Revokee: Sean

Reason For Revocation:

1. Ordered a salad sandwich when fish n chips were available

2. Prefers to drive his girlfriends Hyundia

3. Plays a gay video game when others are playing Battlefield 3

4. Repeatedly refuses to come to the Friday man lunch

and the worst one….

Is planning to attend the Venga Boys concert!!


  1. Sean says:

    Reason For Revocation:

    1. had fish and chips last night, while you were eating your salad.

    2. Girlfriend doesnt own a hyundai

    3. Had battlefield 3 before you.

    4. Went to “Man Lunch” every weekend while you were eating your salad. Decides to skip one lunch due to NO FUNDS and gets whinged at.

    and the worst oneā€¦.

    Is planning to attend the Venga Boys concert which you signed me up for.


  2. Paul says:

    Also prefers light milk over full cream, pretty sure he has a vagina

  3. Bud says:

    Maybe it’s not as bad as you make it out to be.
    I think he just has a MANgina!

  4. Nugget says:

    i will kill again

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