Manly language?

Revoke his Man Card?

45 Yes
9 No

Revokee Name: James Watson

Submitted By: Corey Johnson

Reason for Revocation:
As a longtime cardholder I hereby revoke James for the use of such words as ‘scrumptious’ and ‘luxurious’, in particular when describing The Official Man Card site. Men, do your worst.

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  1. John Russell says:

    At first read I did agree with you, but pondering the thought a little longer I have this for your consideration. All of the fine women on the site? That’s ‘scrumptious’. All the beautiful breasts on the site? Well that’s ‘scrumptious’ too and if allowed to slide in between there thighs brother that would be down right ‘luxurious’! So with that said I say recall this revocation and free this man from Man Card Revocation tyranny!

    John Russell, We’re Done here.

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