Man Card Revoked

Revoke his Man Card?

5 Yes
8 No

Revokee: Slade Burke

Reason For Revocation:

Taking your photo with a guy from a cooking show….

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  1. Dr. Rocky Mountain Oysters says:

    If said man whom was from a cooking show was the chef and their known specialties include grilling or the creation of masterpieces known to drop the panties, than said revocation is reversed upon the claimant due to ignorance of commonly practiced manly dating rituals.

    Explained: When a man knows how to cook, he
    1. Has an immediate excuse to bring the woman to his place for a date.
    2. Has created a situation where a primary need of all women (communication) is potentially fulfilled due to the timely nature of cooking and the psychological effect that occurs with everyone when they know they are about to eat (which means they are more open and candid about whatever is being talked about).
    3. By inclusion of sections 1 & 2, the man has not only removed any reason to hire a cab for transportation from a bar, club or restaurant (or any other venue), but has also removed the awkward conversations that occur from either having to figure out who’s vehicle to take, who will pay the transportation costs or in severe cases why your “car is in the shop” every time the subject is brought up. This further endorses the man card’s utilization because said man has increased savings of both people or all persons involved (if multiple women are expected) because a home made dinner is considerably cheaper to produce and significantly higher in quality than even some of the highest rated restaurants… But only when said man can be claimed to have mastered the recipes in question by a third party.

    So to rehash, man who can cook well is master not only of advanced panties dropping methods and financial prowess (a basic requirement of manhood is resource conservation) but also of himself and exertion of control of his environment (because cooking takes dedication and requires skill in the craft)

    Thus, I conclude that the claimant is ignorant of these conditions and thus breaks several man laws in the categories of resource conservation and advanced panties dropping methods. I also conclude that an image taken of a man with another man due to his being a fan of the man’s prowess of cooking is a statement of brotherhood, wherein one man is represented as a teacher of the other man the student.

    Conditions of nullification: If the man in the image is not the chef or if said chef is not known to have grilling in his repertoire, then the aforementioned explanation is rendered inapplicable to the claim made. If the image itself is deemed unmanly with all context of the situation removed, the explanation may be deemed an infraction, but not grounds for revocation.

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