Revoke his Man Card?

6 Yes
23 No

Revokee: Jay Encina

Reason For Revocation:

I am a Tomboy, I hang out with men I think like men and my best friends are men whose butts I can effectivly whoop.

That being said I believe I have the right, and please correct me if I am wrong, for revoking my boyfriend’s man card when he cannot cheer with a glass in one hand. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought for not wanting to raise the full glass if it were full of beer. Spilling it is a party foul after all. And soda would stain a carpet in an apartment that we rent, we’d never get a deposit back. BUT this glass had nothing more that clear clean water?

I raised my arms in celebration and he started to, paused, looked at the glass in his hand and said “I can’t cheer with a glass in my hand.”

My response was to demand his man card. You tell me if I am wrong.


  1. Stevyn says:

    Women can’t take away a Man Card, although it does make for a good joke.

  2. OT_Chiver says:

    Section 2 article 1.
    No woman may take a man card away from a man. Only another man may do so. However in this case, tell another man of this infraction and then a revocation can happen but only from the other man.

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