Approval of removal of man card

Revoke his Man Card?

7 Yes
0 No

Revokee: Roque Garza

Reason For Revocation:

He often puts on lotion to make his skin look good.
He often waxes.
He has told the bros he would hang out with us, then ditched us for his live in girlfriend.
There have been times were all out drinking and having a good old time he looks at his girlfriend and she gives him the look of I’m bored, or sleepy or something lame like that. Within the next 5 mins they are walking out the door.
We have gone to steak houses in the last and he has ordered salads. Who does that, at a steak house? He’s not allergic or vegan.
He is a horrible wingman. Whenever a single guy amongst our friends shows any interest in a girl he swoops in and takes her. Has absolutely no interest in her, just wants to make sure the single guy doesn’t get her.
He uses an umbrella to walk across the parking lot. Not for his girlfriend or anything. But for himself. It’s a parking lot. It’s not that big.

I know some of these might seem minute, but of the whole list. These are just the ones to come at the top of my head. If I really thought about them all I know I could find more.


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