Repo Men

In the future, we’re going to forget about McDonalds. Hell, we’re going to gorge ourselves on more fast food then ever. Why? Because The Union is going to develop synthetic Hearts, Livers, Kidneys, and every other breakable part in our bodies to the tune of a couple of thousands of dollars.
But how can you afford that? Well there is a payment plan of course. This payment plan, however, you really cannot be late on. If you are, apparently Jude Law and Forest Whitaker will come knocking and simply reposes it.
In comes Repo Men, a new action movie that looks to be promising. You have your classic “Main Character suddenly is in a situation to relate to his victims” moment, but with all of the futue-tech and action, who cares?
Check out the trailer and if you’ve seen it, comment and let us and the Man Card Community know what you thought!

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