RedBull Flugtag Miami 2010

So gents, as you can see from the video above, we’ve entered into the 2010 Miami Red Bull Flugtag. If it were allowed I would call upon the Man Card Army to spam the Red bull site with support and votes for our entry. Unfortunately, they let the judges vote, not the people. Regardless, its such a big event that our very own International Correspondent, Simon, is flying in to Miami for the one chance to throw my ass of a 30+ foot pier into the murky waters below. Possibly revenge for all of the Australian jokes? Maybe, I guess we’ll see.

Check back for updates, until then, Stay Manly and Drink Redbull!!!!

…Don’t judge, we want to get in! we are not above shameless brown nosing if it ends in laughs.

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  1. Simon says:

    I wouldn’t throw you off a 30 foot platform dude! fling, launch, send, cast, pitch, toss, Maybe not toss, catapult, chuck, fire, flick, drive, propel, project, push, force, heave, hurl, impel, lapidate, launch, let fly, send, shove, sling, pelt, lob and peg maybe or just stand next to you and scream out “THIS, IS, MAN, CARD” and boot your ass over the edge…

    But not throw, I’m above that.

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