Revoke a Man Card Iphone App


Revoke a Man Card iPhone App

Revoke a Man Card, easily and quickly, with this iPhone App

Lets say your at a bar, and one of your friends orders a Martini instead of a beer. No self-respecting Man Card holder would do that, you need to Revoke his Man Card. What is the fastest, and most efficient way to do so? With our Revoke a Man Card iPhone app. Simply tap “Revoke a Man Card”, swing like the judgmental revocation gavel (two bangs of a gavel), and show him his Authentic Man Card has been REVOKED.

Features include:


  • Uses the accelerometer to simulate actual gavel swinging and Man Card Revocation.
  • View your Digital Authentic Man Card on your device.
  • Direct access to to order your tangible, credit card style Authentic Man Card.

What is a Man Card?

It is required proof of Manhood in order to become a respected member of the Male community. It can and will be temporarily revoked if privileges as a Man are abused.

Lets say your buddy cried in public because his girlfriend dumped him. You’d revoke his Man Card.


This is a digital representation of your Authentic Man Card, as issued by Official Man Card, LLC and – The governing body of the worlds only Authentic Man Card. This is not to be confused with the Plastic, Credit-Card style Authentic Man Card with your name, unique member number, and flag of your country of origin printed on it. The tangible Authentic Man Card, along with your Certificate of Authenticity and Two Revoked Cards, can only be obtained exclusively from


This is the first iteration of the Revoke a Man Card iPhone App. There will be many updates as well as other applications. You can leave a comment below to suggest features, improvements, etc.

If you have a need for one on one support, you can email [email protected]. Be sure to leave your name and a phone number we can reach you at.

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