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The OMC 4 Track: Flight of the Conchords

If you have not heard of Flight of the Conchords I’d like to ask what rock you have been living under for the last 3 years and why did you leave it now? The New Zealand based comedy duo of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement not only have their on TV Show but are New

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Pole Vault Fail

Pole vaulting is an athletic field event in which a person uses a long, flexible pole (which today is usually made either of fiberglass or carbon fiber) as an aid to leap over a bar. – Wikipedia Unfortunately Wikipedia doesn’t tell you what to do with the pole afterwards&#

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Women: A How to Guide, Wieners vs. Vaginas

Youtube’s spricket24 aka Karen Alloy is an American comedian & actor, she also has a small addiction to “Vlogging”, what we’re just making up words now? no wait Wikipedia has it as Video Blogging. Anyway shes posted this rather funny and informative video 2 days ago and its a great candidate for the Official Man

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