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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/09/03

The Links: 10 ways to kill time till the NFL season starts Batman Getting Hit in the Balls – Comics The 20 Hottest Girls Of Horror The Top 10 Most Badass Soldiers of All Time 25 Photos That Prove Hipsters Suck The 21 Most Cliche Dorm-Room Posters . The Vid: Great White Hunters What do

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Freedom: Fishing the Bahamas

Every once in a while, when I can escape the tyranny of the superiors at OMC, I do enjoy going out fishing like any man. Lucky for me however, I live on the cusp of some of the greatest fishing waters in the world, the Caribbean. From Miami its just a short blast by boat

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Crocodile Revokes Shark’s Man Card

In a previous posting a shark revoked a man card on a fishing video, now a very different shark just got his REVOKED for being a little bitch and getting pwned by a 5-meter long crocodile. Just reported today on PerthNow is this story from Kakadu National Park of a 5-meter saltwater crocodile gnawing at

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