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The Manly Segway

Guys, We cover products from time to time here on Manly Products. So when the Segway comes to mind, your thinking “wait, you mean that funny looking thing the security guards at the mall roam around in?” Oh No my friend, something much, MUCH better. Thats right, introducing the Manly Segway, or MANGWAY as

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How Man made it to the moon….

This is inherent and absolute proof to all you conspiracy theorists of how man ultimately made it to the moon. This simple technological advance has been in military use since the early 50’s and here at OMC HQ we cant wait to get our hands on one of these puppies for our own amusement. maybe

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We’re All Going To Die: Helicopter’s have been lying to us

This is a clear sign that the military has anti-grav technology, where is my hoverboard damn it??? Apparently this is what happens when the camera’s shutter speed / frame rate synchronizes with the rotation of the blades, uh huh sure government disinformation bureau, your logic won’t work on me

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