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LEGO Goes Metal Viking & Gets Manned Up Ten Fold

LEGO has always been one of the coolest things ever invented and now with the help of stop motion animation, a kick ass metal score, LEGO Men with beards aka LEGO Vikings it just got the f*&k Manned up ten fold

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The Beard Master, for WORLD Beard Day

To help celebrate WORLD Beard Day I personally slaved over my laptop, to type into Google “beard+ video” and in clicking the first link to appear on my screen that fell in to the category of beard related videos I am now able to bring to your attention, The Beard Master. A video so beardly

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3 Minute Music Lesson

Razbenari has posted a rather interesting music video over on his YouTube channel where he attempted to mix as many genres as possible into a coherent piece of music. I think he pulls it off quite well in the 3 minute clip below but be sure to leave us your comments if you think otherwise

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