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3 Beers, No Hands, 37 Seconds

Chris Schewe, AKA YouTube’s shoenice22 sat down with 3 poms (English people) and proved he’s more man than they could ever hope to be, even if they combined thier powers captain planet style. Chris manages to not only drink a bottle of beer without using his hands but open it as well, 3 times. Ahem,

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The Manliest Drink: Tea

Some may say that Beer is the manliest drink there is for Men and until I saw the following I would have agreed with them. I invite you to watch the following video that makes a fair play for Tea being manlier than your standard pilsner or ale

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Beers filling from the bottom?

Men of Official Man Card. I am remiss to inform you I am behind the times. I missed this genius in engineering that the company GrinOn Industries has put out to beat the world record for most drafts poured in a minute. So without further a due I will let you bask in the glory

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