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The Real Team “Coco”, Nicole Austin

Once again we find ourselves balls deep in yet another weekend, and where there is a weekend there is an Official Man Card Sexy Ladies gallery post. This weekend, not so much the sexy ladies as the sexy lady as we only have the one . Once again Official Man Card pays tribute to a

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Saturday Hottie – Nicole “Coco” Austin

Approach a typical guy and just say “Coco” and you will be met with “whooooo”, “Goddamn”, “mmm, mmm, mmm” and more often than not “DAAAAMN!”. Some women are blessed with voluptuous breasts, or a perfectly rotund ba-dunk but the amazing Coco was gifted from God himself with all of the above…the latter being the more

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Women: A How to Guide, Wieners vs. Vaginas

Youtube’s spricket24 aka Karen Alloy is an American comedian & actor, she also has a small addiction to “Vlogging”, what we’re just making up words now? no wait Wikipedia has it as Video Blogging. Anyway shes posted this rather funny and informative video 2 days ago and its a great candidate for the Official Man

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