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I Just Watched The Expendables!

I just watched The Expendables and must say, I liked it a lot. Sure the plot was predictable, the dialogue was corny and there was a lot of pandering to the fans but it was a fun, old school, little to no CGI action flick

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Questionable, Expendable Man Card

Revoke his Man Card?

104 Yes
10 No

Revokee Name: Ricky C

Submitted By: Simon

Reason for Revocation:
Ricky tweeted the following “I’m going to see The Expendables tonight. Any ideas on how to stave off the depression when I realise its not Scott Pilgrim?”

Do I really need to continue? Scott Pilgrim was a cool flick, but Ricky is whining about seeing a movie that pretty much gives you a third testicle its so manly. Would you like some cheese with that wine Ricky?

I say Ricky needs to take a teaspoon of cement to help him “Harden the F*ck up!”.

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Cast of The Expendables Body Count Over The Years

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Movies to see: The Losers

Hitting Cinema’s today / yesterday (some of us live in the future ya know) the movie adaptation of Vertigo’s espionage comic,The Losers is being billed as an Action, Adventure, Comedy but I’m expecting more of an over-the-top comic-book action picture. Not that that is a bad thing, I love over-the-top comic-booky action pictures. The basic

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The Expendables Trailer

If you guys are men, have man cards, and have seen a movie in the last 50 years, then this video is going to get you pumped. You see, a funny thing with us guys is after we see a bad ass video, whether a movie, trailer, or just some asshole on, we always

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