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In Russia Shovel Shave You! Wait, What?

Nizhny Novgorod is a city about 150 miles east of Moscow, Russia and home to a Man so Manly razor blades and electric shavers fear him. So he shaves with a shovel, a hatchet, and pair of scissors, HA! take that Gillette. Alexander Karpenko, a 35-year-old English teacher first picked up a pair of scissors

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Weird Footage….

Russian intelligence (snicker, ahem) has just come across this footage of The Simon landing in America on July 1st at 1032 hours ET. May God help us all… I just hope Official Man Card HQ has been evacuated

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In Russia, Video Game Play You…

You don’t need to be able to understand Russian to work out that this is fracking cool! I want one and I have a Grandma I’m prepared to sell on the black market in order to get one. For those of you who may be wondering why it looks like he is in a flight

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