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Beer + Chart = Beer Chart, Bow Down Before it

A poser of such simplistic beauty yet so awe inspiring as this one belongs on every Beer lovers wall. The Many Varieties of Beer chart is over flowing with frothy goodness and brand examples to boot. The chart’s available as a 24″ x 18″ poster from Pop Chart Lab for $25 if this is the

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Barryisums: Guinness with Tia Maria

Barry had an obviously gay bloke ask for a Guinness with Tia Maria in it while he was working at the bar. Without realising what he was saying, replied “Sorry mate, I haven’t got any Tia Maria, do you want a straight Guinness instead?&#

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6 Six 6

I had a damn good laugh when checking over the Official Man Card Stats for the weekend and saw that our number of hits for Sunday was 666, a slow day for us as most folk are in church or haveing a sunday session drink at the pub with a few mates.    For those of

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