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Florida College Basketball Nut Shot

During a game against Georgia, Florida Gators forward Chandler Parsons makes a three pointer only to get towel whipped in the balls care of teammate Vernon Macklin, who only gets one point for his shot. What do you guys think, should Macklin have his Man Card revoked for snapping the towel or should Parsons for

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The Nutshot

The Nutshot (Latin: Testicular-Contactus-Hurtus Hilarious) can be defined as contact between testicles and an undefined surface or object, intentional or not. Given the nature of the word, it is more appropriate to cases where the contact is made with a moving object, for example, a ball (ironic). Although this can be extremely painful for the

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This Week in Pain 07-10-2010 EPIC NUTSHOT EDITION

Gentleman, over the years as internet porn grew to massive lengths (ba-dum-tish) another type of video grew to be the porn of YouTube and other non-porn related viral sites, the Nutshot. While preparing for the Aussie invasion occurring this week we came across these videos, now whether or not we actually use any or all

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