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Billy Mays Pitches Mighty Reaper

Billy’s at it again! Even from the grave, the pitchman keeps on pitching! Production Notes: Bud didn’t shave for Lord knows how long in order to do this bit. You guys better appreciate it!

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Billy Mays: Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Was Billy really on something? Its like Jeckle and Hyde! We decided to throw this quick video together to show the difference between Billy Mays off and on his drug of choice. All in good fun, comment and let us know what you think! Stay manly my friends

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The Loss of a Legend

Gentlemen, Serious topic today. We’ve had several celebrity deaths occur almost to quickly these past few days. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, both very much apart of the publics life. Yet the most recent death has really rocked the office the most here at the Official Man Card Studios. The death of Billy Mays came with

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