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Official Man Card Holiday Special

Guys, We want to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and more! To show our appreciation to our users, we decided to put together this Christmas Special. Enjoy, and Stay Manly!

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Jingle Boobies!

I dont know whether or not to be disturbed or completely amazed by this talent… but this is certainly something new for me. Just another reason as to why boobs are awesome!! they can be musical; I know this is a bit late into the past holiday season but hey! with this amazing feat,

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Fridays Trailer: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Based on the award winning shorts from Finnish director Jalmari Helander, Rare Exports and Rare Exports part 2 previously featured here on, that have acquired an online cult reputation. This Christmas we are treated to the feature length action, comedy, fantasy film about the truth behind Santa Claus. The shorts are well worth checking

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