Sideboob Court Case For The Win

A recent Wall Street Journal article announced that a federal appeals court tossed out a $1.2 million indecency fine against ABC Television for airing racy and risqué content

A federal appeals court Tuesday tossed a $1.2 million indecency fine the FCC had imposed on ABC Television affiliates for airing a 2003 episode of “NYPD Blue” that featured a seven-second shot of a woman’s naked buttocks and the side of one of her breasts as she prepared to take a shower.

This is just one of a series of wins for broadcasters against government efforts to police airwaves and fine stations for airing this type of “racy and/or risqué” content.

I’m not sure about you America, for one thing it is called NYPD BLUE, and your happy showing violence and drug use on TV but something at natural as the naked body, or parts of it as discussed above gets you all wound up and ends in a court case? You’re America, not the Middle East, its the 21st century, evolve a little. To help you think about this why don’t you ponder it over some side boob.

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