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How to Catch a Kangaroo

Kangaroos are one of the more deadly marsupials in the animal kingdom. Standing an average of 6ft in height, these large tailed bastards have the ability to kick your heart clean out of your chest. Thankfully this youtube video shows us how to capture and tame these wild beasts of the Great Down Unda’

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Epic Valentine’s Day Recipes

On todays Valentines celebrations make sure you take a look at this Manly recipe that is sure to reach your lovers heart. Nothing like bacon to start up a loving holiday the right way. Brought to you by Epic Meal Time. These guys are my heroes… Cheers

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The Future of Man…

This little guy is going to revolutionize the way women are picked up. He has successfully accomplished at such a ripe age what takes most of us several years to master. I just hope I can drink a beer with this kid when he grows older… who knows he probably holds his liquor better than

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Jingle Boobies!

I dont know whether or not to be disturbed or completely amazed by this talent… but this is certainly something new for me. Just another reason as to why boobs are awesome!! they can be musical; I know this is a bit late into the past holiday season but hey! with this amazing feat,

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Streakers Nudie Run Fail

To be a Man is many things, we are far from simple beasts and driven by urges to create, build, protect, provide, get naked, succeed, push ourselves physically and mentally to the limit… wait, get naked, what? Oh yeah, Men like to get naked, usually after we get drunk first, and then go for a

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Ted Williams, Man with the Golden Radio Voice

Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus Ohio had been panhandling and asking for money to survive after falling on hard times. However, he has a voice that makes you wonder how someone with his talent happened to be in the situation he is now. Watch the clip below and listen to the voice on

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Bubble Pussies

Revoke his Man Card?

48 Yes
16 No

Revokee Name: Jorge Feria & Tom Morton

Submitted By: Xavi

Reason for Revocation:
both of these fags decided to sing along to michael bubble songs while on a beer run with the boys… completely unnaceptable

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How Man made it to the moon….

This is inherent and absolute proof to all you conspiracy theorists of how man ultimately made it to the moon. This simple technological advance has been in military use since the early 50’s and here at OMC HQ we cant wait to get our hands on one of these puppies for our own amusement. maybe

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Turtle Escape Fail…

One small step for a turtle… One giant leap out of the bowl for turtl… …no wait, Under the bowl … Damn it!

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Amazing Monkey Dog!!! Prison Break Edition

I personally have no idea what they are feeding these dogs… but is most definitely not dog food. Maybe some mixture of genetic spider monkey alternative or something&#

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