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Manly Movie Review: Scarface (1983)

I take another crack at Scarface, this time the one you all may remember. Tony Montana returns in this weeks movie review of Scarface.

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Scarface (1932)

Freds back with his review of the 1932 classic, Scarface. Complete with flappers, bootleggers, and Al Capone references, its a movie all men should see, period

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Manly Movie Review: Goodfellas

Fred takes a look at another classic Mobster Movie this week in our Manly Movie reviews segment. Fred reviews Goodfellas, you gotta’ problem with that

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The Godfather

This time I’m reviewing the Godfather, a cinematic masterpiece that every man should have at least watched, if not memorized, in order to even think about obtaining a man card!

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Hand Over Your Balls

Revoke his Man Card?

44 Yes
16 No

Revokee Name: Ryan White

Submitted By: Fred

Reason for Revocation:
While taking with Ryan, I used the line “Going to the mattresses” in the conversation. Ryan then proceeded to give me a blank look and ask what “going to the mattresses” meant. I told him it was from The Godfather, he said he never heard of it. He is 31. Men, hold him down, kick his ass, and take his man card.

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