The Troops Get More Man Cards

Gregg emailed us a little while back inquiring about Man Cards. Being the Authority over all Man Cards, we responded and struck up a conversation.

Turns out Gregg and his friends were members of our fine military here in the USA. Who more deserving of Man Cards (and a Tomboy Card) than these fine people? None we say!

Gregg was nice enough to send us a few pictures back to show you guys. Big thanks to Gregg for the pictures, hope you guys are staying safe and Staying Manly!

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  1. Luke, Arizona says:

    If anyone ever deserved a MANCARD, it is our military. Even women in the military have more BALLS than some of these candy assed “men” in the civilian population. If you have never served your country, you have NO business holding a MANCARD. If you are a politician, FORGET IT!!!

  2. Bob says:

    Damn Right! Good for you guys getting the troops their Man Cards!

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