8 Year Old Banjo Boy


I cannot hide my love and pride for the only instrument that can call the US its birthplace*: The Banjo. When I hear those sweet backwoods melodies coming from those steel strings over that membrane, its all I can do to stop myself from throwing on my overalls, a straw hat, and start bouncing spoons on my knee.

Well I finally lost it tonight, after seeing these kids rock the banjo harder than I’ve ever seen. The banjo player himself is only 8 years old, but I feel they all are deserving of Man Cards – especially for rocking both a dead fox and the Millennium Falcon in their room.

Check the video out:

What do you gent’s think, do these boys deserve their Man Cards?

*Note: This is probably inaccurate

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  1. Ridiculous says:

    Here is a truth slap in your face…. The banjo originated in Africa.

    • Tom says:

      The slap! It Hurts!

      Damn you and your wikipedia looking skills.

      Well played sir, well played.

      Although I did mark it *probably inaccurate.

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