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The Manliest Thing You’ve Ever Done is all about featuring our members and the manly things they’ve done. Have you wrestled an alligator? Jumped onto a Sail Fish from a helicopter? How about an all night Pub Crawl that lasted 20 bars? Whatever your manliest thing may be, we want to know. Submit Your Manliest Thing here and tell us your Manliest story via text, pictures and/or video!

Manliest Thing You’ve Ever Done: Drag Racing

On this edition of the Manliest Thing, Rene V showed us that not only was drag racing alive and well, but in full force on the night we went out to the Homestead Motor Sports Complex

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Manliest thing You’ve Ever Done: Autocross

We interviewed Danny for this episode of The Manliest Thing You’ve Ever done. His Manliest thing? Autocross. Watch him kill some cones and earn his Man Card!

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