The KFC Double Down

So your thinking to yourself “Hey, when I get a chicken sandwich, I really wish I could eliminate the bun and just have more meat!”. Well KFC, formally Kentucky Fried Chicken, has answered all of our heart stopping, artery clogging prayers. Introducing the KFC Double Down (is that a clever name that implies your “doubling” your risk for heart disease?).

So how do you make such a heavenly death sandwich you ask? Well its simple. Take a chicken breast, fry it, cover it in “special sauce”, melt some cheese on it, and hell for good measure fry another chicken breast and throw it on top.

Now you may say “Comon’ Tom, I’m sure one of these lovely little death traps a month wouldn’t kill me”. Hey, you could be right, just like Russian Roulette may not kill you.

With the advent of these new sandwiches, we’re also thinking of having an eating contest next Man Card World Court. What do you guys think?

Stay Manly…

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  1. Jorge says:

    Don’t make me school you little boys

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