Man Card Movie Review: Extract


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Lets get the disclaimer out of the way: I’m a fan of Mike Judge. The man is funny! From King of the Hill, to Office Space to the more recent Idiocracy and more, Mike Judge can make a movie. Having said that, lets talk about Extract.

I saw the trailer early on, thought it was going to be great! Mila Kunis will be the hot girl, Jason Bateman will bring the comedic style that he’s known for, and well hell, its a Mike Judge stamped production! Having seen it, I have to be honest: not as good as I thought. It seemed that Judge was trying to slide in a “bigger picture” theme in the background, but in the end it just seemed lacking.All in all I’d say go see it, you may like it. Just know its not Office Space 2.

Then again, that’s just my opinion. Have you seen Extract? Tell us what you thought about it! Comment below.

Stay Manly my Friends.

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