Official Man Card Holiday Special

Twas the Night Before Christmas
and not a creature was out.
Except for the Worlds Manliest Man,
who was enjoying a stout.

Hue Jass sat at his desk
all in dismay.
Looking at all the revocations
that had come his way that day

Bud and Tom
still sending man cards far and near
just wanted to see something naked
and drink their Authentic Man Beer

After many deliveries and hours in flight
Santa was making his last stop of the night.
As he slid down the chimmeny he quickly exclaimed
“I’m a Man Dammit! This milk and cookie shit is getting quite lame.”

As he prepared for the last treat of the night
he rounded the corner and to his delight
there were no milk or cookies anywhere in sight!

But there was something he hadn’t seen in a while:
Ice cold beer and pretzels in a pile.

As he sat down to check out the game
he found an envelope that Contained his name.

“Whats this?” he asked, filled with glee.
“Ho Ho Ho, an Authentic Man Card, just for me!”

As he flew off, he said to all men
“Merry Christmas to all, Stay Manly My Friends!”


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