OMC The Foam Finger: Sorry Surge

Hey everyone! We here at OMC are very excited to announce the arrival of our sports program, The Foam Finger. Hosted by Surge and myself, we will be talking about issues around all the sports leagues (as long as we find it interesting). This will be reporting from the fan perspective and none of that constant BS that is spewed all over other sports broadcasts. Look forward for the first showing to drop on Sunday where we focus on the NFL. If you have any suggestions or questions always feel free to email us. Watch the Foam Finger and stay manly!

With that out of the way it’s time to learn a bit about us here at OMC. Like true men we are avid football fans, well Surge and I are. He is a delusional Oakland Raiders fan and I am a fan of the great Miami Dolphins. We often butt heads on football issues (mainly which team is better, to which we all know the Dolphins are) and like good fans we always attempt to convert people to our respective fan bases. Our recent battle has been over our Australian man card brother Simon, and…well sorry Surge but looks like you lost this one.

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  1. Sergio says:

    What the fuck…he’s holding a Dr. Pepper…that is the gayest shit I have ever witnessed…its bad enough that Dolphins are just gay sharks…but Dr. Pepper…really,…REALLY…Come on Ramsey you don’t think I wouldn’t have a response to this??? not too mention that is a total sausage fest…I see no abundance of chicks there…Bud holy shit is that a glass of wine…are you fucking kidding me??? I don’t even know how to explain the shit ass confused look on Tom’s face…Ramsey are you showing off your thong to them again? Goddamn Dolphins fans…lol

  2. Ramsey says:

    Lol looks like this got you all fired up. Better than those Oakland fans breaking into Foot Lockers, really just sad.

    Hey and there is nothing wrong with wine but I shouldn’t expect a butt raider to be cultured.

    If you’ve somehow enjoyed our banter then check out the show!!! C’mon Surge, have to promote this.

  3. Sergio says:

    That we do, and “Butt Raider” nice words coming from a lowly dolphin fan what is it one super bowl title in 60 years??

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