Wearing a Wookie Just got Sexy

You’re on Hoth, its cold, a blizzard is descending on your location where your Tauntaun has keeled over and your cutting him open to crawl inside. Surviving a blizzard inside the skin of another animal is a way of life and one that goes with the territory of being a Tauntaun, that is until now, crawling inside another animal to survive the cold just got Sexy and Chewie has never looked so hot. Just so we are clear, this is one for the ladies, Man Card Revocable if your a guy and you don this Wookie Wear, I don’t care how cold it is.

Explore the universe while staying warm with this five-piece sexy costume that includes a cropped top, lace-up mini skirt, hood with attached sleeves, leg warmers and over the shoulder satchel. Gun not included.

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